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Pressed Tulip Petal Butterfly

Pressed Tulip Petal Butterfly

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This botanical butterfly is made from real pressed tulip petals and watercolor. I pressed a bunch of beautiful tulip petals this Spring and all their lovely details reminded me of butterfly wings. It’s the perfect addition to add a bit of botanical goodness to your space. The piece is 5 in x 7 in and comes in a double mat to fit a 8 in x 10 in frame. 

Care Recommendations 

When opening the piece, handle the by the edges. The clear bag can be commercially composted. To keep your piece in optimal condition keep it out of direct sunlight and high moisture areas. Frame with museum grade or UV resistant glass or acrylic if you can.

Due to the organic nature of the pressed plants, they may fade and shift in color over time, a natural process that should be embraced.

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