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Flowers In Their Eyes Print

Flowers In Their Eyes Print

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Flowers In Their Eyes is a mixed media series combining watercolor, ink and pressed plants. Artist Bri Rossi finds that she always has nature on her mind, inspiring the head full of plants watercolor imagery. Each face is created using real pressed flowers and leaves, making every one unique. To preserve the color and form of the plants, Bri presses each one for several weeks in a flower press.

Care Recommendations 

When opening the print, handle the piece by the edges. The clear bag can be commercially composted and backing board is recyclable. To keep your piece in optimal condition keep it out of direct sunlight and high moisture areas. 

Due to the organic nature of the pressed plants, they will fade and shift in color over time, a natural process that should be embraced, kind of like ageing. 

This print fits easily in a 11 in x 14 in frame. Museum grade or UV resistant glass or acrylic is best.

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