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Mini Handmade Flower Press

Mini Handmade Flower Press

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After flower pressing for four years and teaching workshops for two, I’m hoping to share the fun of this craft with my new handmade sustainable flower presses! Great for beginners and those wanting to get back into the art of flower pressing.

Made from local plywood, recycled cardboard and paper and durable hardware. Each one is hand cut, drilled and sanded by me, with lots of love and care! Truly handmade. I've been using my handmade presses in my own work for a few years now and include my instructions as well as the tips I share at my in person workshops.

You can reuse this press over and over for years to come. They are also made with blank wood so you can customize it to your hearts desire by adding pressed flowers, colorful paper or a wood burning design.

This limited release mini press is approx 3 in x 7 in and comes with 6 layers of paper and cardboard.

Due to the handmade nature of each press, the one you receive might be slightly different than the picture.

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